Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Sessions

As we headed off to the movies last night, I remembered that last year on the night before Thanksgiving, we saw The Muppets.  This year, we saw The Sessions.  Very different movies - but both were excellent! 

The Sessions is the mostly true story of Mark O'Brien, a severely disabled polio survivor who sets out who sets out to lose his virginity as an adult.  Mark can only move his head, and he spends the bulk of his days and nights in an iron lung contraption.  With the off-the-record blessing of his Catholic priest and the aid of his caretaker, Mark hires a Cheryl, sexual surrogate (played by Helen Hunt).  What follows is raw, tender, and funny.  Mark is successful at losing his virginity, but both he and Cheryl get more than they bargained for in the process, as a bond is formed between them.  Mark and Cheryl's relationship mostly stays within their professional bounds, and it gives Mark the tools he needs to confidently live and love in the world.

I thought The Sessions was great - it was raw, tender, and funny.  Mark's character is humorously self-deprecating, and I loved the scenes between him and his priest and caretakers.  Cheryl's character had a lot of depth.  The bond between the two of them seemed genuine and real.  As the credits rolled, tears were streaming down my face - so much so that I started laughing at myself for crying and then did a really attractive crying/laughing hybrid that involved a lot of snorting.  Good times.  9 out of 10.

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