Sunday, November 25, 2012

Your Sister's Sister


Emily Blunt and Mark Duplass star as Iris and Jack, respectively, in Your Sister's Sister, which was directed by Lynn Shelton, who brought us Humpday, which I watched a few months back and very much enjoyed.  The film opens at a memorial party one year after Jack's brother's / Iris's ex-boyfriend's death.  Jack is having some issues coping, and Iris suggests that he head to her family's cabin to take some time for himself and heal.  Jack takes her advice but when he arrives at the cabin he finds Iris's sister, Hannah - a lesbian who has just broken up with her girlfriend of seven years and who has also come to the cabin to get her head together.  Jack and Hannah drink a bit too much and end up in bed together - and then Iris shows up in the morning to surprise Jack, having realized that she is in love with him.

I feel like this description sounds convoluted, but it's really not.  I quite liked Your Sister's Sister.  The dialogue was all improvised and the leading actors had an easy interplay that was enjoyable to watch.  It all felt very natural.  It was funny and touching and the characters were relatable.  It was nothing earth shattering, but Your Sister's Sister is a solid, toned down romantic comedy that's well worth a watch.  7.5 out of 10.

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