Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I had mixed feelings about Prometheus.  Also, I feel that I should mention that I have not seen any of the Alien movies, to which Prometheus is supposedly the "unofficial" prequel, but I don't think that matters.

The movie begins with a weird humanistic form eating some caviar-looking stuff, and pretty much exploding.  The next thing you know, it's 2089 and a spaceship full of scientists is about to land on an Earth-like planet, in theory to explore humanity's origins.

Prometheus kept me interested throughout the 2+ hour runtime, but I also thought it was kind of dumb.  And I thought it left too much unexplained - like, I *still* don't understand who the dude was in the beginning of the movie, and what his destruction had to do with anything.  So maybe the movie wasn't dumb, and I'm the dumb one.  Oh well.  6 out 10, because like I said, it kept me entertained.

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