Sunday, July 15, 2012

Take This Waltz


I thought I was really going to like this one.  I like Sarah Polley (the director), I like the title (it's a Leonard Cohen song), I like Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen, it's been getting good reviews from critics, and besides - look how cute that poster is!  

Take This Waltz is about Margot (Williams), a 28-year old loosely employed freelance writer, who lives with her husband Lou (Rogen), a cookbook writer who writes solely about chicken.  Despite the fact that neither of them appears to work very hard or make much money, they live in a lovely home in Toronto.  On a flight one day, Margot meets Daniel, who happens to be her neighbor.  Daniel is a rickshaw driver and artist who doesn't display his work - don't even get me started on how HE can afford his house in the city.  Margot and Daniel fall in love.  But will the new love hold up?  Or will the new simply become old? 

The thing about this movie is, I just found Margot so unlikeable that it killed the movie for me.  She baby-talks ("I WUV WU!").  She's needy and clingy.  She's neurotic, to the point where she needs a wheelchair in airports to make it to connecting flights.  She's bossy.  She pees in swimming pools.  She's a tease.  My husband and I were seriously wondering if she was mentally disabled.  I think we are supposed to find her neuroses adorable, but instead, I just wanted to smack her.

Maybe Take This Waltz would be a different movie if the central character were written differently, but as currently written, I found it unfathomable that not one, but two men were completely smitten by this awful woman.  4 out of 10 - although I will say it was kind of fun making fun of Margot while watching.  And I've been enjoying saying "I wuv wu" to my husband ever since.

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