Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises


Not entirely surprisingly, I didn't love The Dark Knight Rises.  Really, I just think this kind of movie isn't for me.  Sorry, America.  I haven't seen Batman Begins and I hardly remember The Dark Knight.  In general, I just don't have a great track record with comic- or superhero-based movies.  So let's just chalk this up to me not being the intended audience.

I feel like everyone knows this already, but TDKR follows Bruce Wayne as he emerges from his reclusive existence of the past eight years to save the city of Gotham from the underground terrorist villain Bane and his henchmen. 

I did stay mostly interested during the two hour and 45-minute runtime, and I thought there were some very cool visual effects.  Although, I found it too loud at times and with far too much gun violence.  I found Bane difficult to understand.  I also had a hard time keeping all the bad guys straight.  Like I said, this is an issue with me and not with the movie.  I think knowing the origins would have helped but I probably wouldn't have wanted to watch the earlier movies.

In a nutshell, just not my cup of tea.  Sorry, America.  6 out of 10.

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