Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Sweet Hereafter


 I'd read this book, by Russell Banks, a couple of years ago, and pretty much forgotten about it until I read the description on the back of this DVD and thought it sounded familiar.  The Sweet Hereafter explores the aftereffects of a tragic schoolbus accident on a small Canadian town.  The film focuses on several of the affected families before and after the accident, as well as the professional and personal struggles of the lawyer who comes to town to file suit against the bus company.

It was very good.  The whole movie had a bleak feel to it, with lots of snow and ice and gray skies throughout.  The families' grief felt very believable.  There were really no unlikeable characters; no one was perfect, but everyone coped the best they know how - including the lawyer himself.  I found the bus driver's story especially touching.  A sweet woman, she loved the kids she drove to school every day and kept talking about them in the present tense even after they were gone.

A very sad movie, but well done.  8 out of 10.

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