Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pitch Perfect


Despite making fun of it when we saw the trailer, the hubs agreed to see Pitch Perfect with me if it was over 59% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Well, my friends, it is currently at a very respectable 76%!  Bam.  We went on opening night, in a completely packed theater.  We were a good 10 to 15 years older than most of the crowd, which was also skewed heavily on the female side.  But you know what?  I kind of loved it, which was only in small part due to the large beers I'd consumed before the movie.

Anna Kendrick plays Beca, an "alternative" college freshman who aspires to be a DJ, yet finds herself a member of the Bellas, her college's only all female a cappella group.  The Bellas fell short in the nationals last year, and are extra determined to shine this year.  Good thing they have young Beca to help guide them in a new, fresh direction ;)  I won't bore you with too much of the plot, because let's face it, the plot actually had very little bearing on my immense enjoyment of Pitch Perfect.

Basically, Pitch Perfect was just really, really fun to watch.  I loved the dancing and the singing.  It made me wish I could go back in time to my freshman year of college (holy crap, that was 13 years ago) and join one of the campus a cappella groups.  Apart from the music, I absolutely loved Rebel Wilson in her role as Fat Amy - pretty much everything she did and said cracked me up.  Hana Mae Lee is was also hilarious as Lilly - a very soft-spoken yet deranged member of the Bellas.

I would say that Pitch Perfect is to the a cappella world what Bring It On was to the cheerleading world in the late 90's - cheesy as all heck, but lots of fun to watch.  8 out of 10!

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