Sunday, September 30, 2012



I feel like I'd been hearing about Bachelorette for ages, and I really wanted to see it.  We thought it would finally be coming to Columbus this weekend but it turned out to have been last weekend, so we'd missed it.  But lo and behold!  It was available On Demand, which we almost never even look it.  So, yay!

Except it wasn't very good.  Bachelorette is the story of three women serving as bridesmaids in the wedding of an old "friend" from high school whom they used to ridicule.  When they stain and rip the bride's dress the night before the wedding, they set off across the city to fix it, and a variety of hijinks ensue.

I feel like Bachelorette suffered from not knowing what it wanted to be.  It seemed like it was trying to be a mean-spirited dark comedy and a touching story about friends at the same time, and it didn't really pull off being either.  It had a great cast and some funny moments but overall, it wasn't very funny and it wasn't touching at all - and the parts that were intended to be touching were almost laughable.  Pretty much all of the characters were terrible people so it was hard to care very much about any of them.  I'd wait until this one comes out on TV.  5 out of 10.

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