Sunday, April 1, 2012

Last Screening

This French film was the midnight movie capping off our first day at the festival, and it seemed like it would be a fun scary movie.

Sylvain is a seemingly mild-mannered dude who lives in the cavernous underbelly of the theater he works in.  His walls are lined with framed pictures of screen sirens of a bygone era, and he's got a bit of a "thing" for women's earrings.  Someone has mommy issues.  After closing up the theater at night, Sylvain prowls the city, searching for easy targets.  Wash, rinse, repeat. 

I kind of liked this one.  It was extremely creepy throughout, that's for sure.  Even though it appeared to take place in the current-ish day, the movie had the feel of something much older....perhaps of the bygone era that Sylvain is obsessed with?  At any rate, a good movie to watch in a semi-rundown theater at a late hour.  6.5 out of 10.

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